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March 2007
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March 15, 2007

Online Schools

Filed under: Education — zoogie @ 10:17 am

Distance learning offered via online schools has created a whole new world of opportunities for students of all ages and incomes to finally obtain a college education and get an online degree. You have the opportunity to learn new skills and abilities, the opportunity to improve yourself and your earning power, and the opportunity to join that the elite rank of Americans who call themselves college graduates.

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Self Improvement Books

Filed under: Education, Financial Information, Schools, Education Services — kalisekj @ 9:19 am

We all grapple with issues in our lives. Some of these issues are major and some are more on the minor side. One dilemma that can arise is stress. In fact, this is a very common issue for many people. They simply do not know how to deal with their anxieties and move on. This is where self improvement books can come into play. Maybe this sort of assistance is exactly what you need to get through your rough patches. No one is knocking you for having them. I just think you may find it insightful to look somewhere new for knowledge and self improvement inspiration.

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March 14, 2007

Online Colleges

Filed under: Education — zoogie @ 6:51 pm

There are a number of benefits to entering an online colleges distance learning program to earn your online degree. You get to learn at your own speed in the comfort of your own home and you can work at your kitchen table or on your back porch if you have a long enough extension cord. But you also get the opportunity to learn again, which for many of us is really a great gift. Some of us are stuck in low-paying jobs and careers that are stifling our creativity and intellect. Others simply want to experience the natural high that comes from pursuing a life-long interest.

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Learn Hypnosis In Your Spare Time

Filed under: Education — 25072911 @ 3:36 pm

Hypnotism is so relaxing it beats meditation, in fact you could use use self hypnosis as a substitute for meditation. It’s such an interesting hobby and it does not require years of study to become a hypnotist. Many products and study programs can achieve this in a relatively short amount of time. Studying hypnotism is like unravelling the hidden mysteries of the human mind . . . I hope this is why you chose to read this post.  All those who study hypnotism and gain a full understanding of it’s laws and phenomena cannot help but realise the great benefits to be obtained from it in social, and business life.

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Private School Education

Filed under: Education — erapid @ 9:37 am

My child is having a difficult time in school. I want to put him in a private school so he will be able to have more time with the teacher. I wasn’t sure I could afford a private school. However, my pastor told me I would be eligible for a discount because I am a member of the church. Later that evening as I was talking it over with my husband, we decided to get a mortgage refinance loan, to give ourselves some extra money to help pay for private school expenses. 


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March 13, 2007

Online Degree Programs

Filed under: Education — zoogie @ 6:26 pm

One of the biggest changes in education in recent years has been the rapid growth in online degree programs. Most universities now offer some type of online learning program, these programs have been amazingly popular with young adults who are trying to find time to further their education while holding down a full time job and in many cases a family as well. These programs allow you to mostly study and attend courses on your own time. The number of online courses being offered is likely to continue to grow in the coming years.

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Real Estate Loan Educational Center

Filed under: Education, Financial Information, Schools, Education Services — Hard Money Lender @ 5:25 pm

As a commercial real estate lender and residential mortgage professional, I have always found that it is important to understand the lending process if you are in the market to purchase or refinance your property.  There are many types of loan programs available today for any type of property or situation.  Hard money loans, bridge loans, construction loans, loans for people in foreclosure, and long term low interest rate loans are just a few of the many types of loans available.  We have created a loan resource center on our website for you that will help you in understanding the various loan programs.  Please visit us on the web and be sure to sign up for our newsletters. 

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Distance Learning Programs

Filed under: Education — zoogie @ 5:04 pm

One of the biggest changes in education in the past few years has been the rapid increase in the number of colleges offering online degree programs. Perhaps one of the most popular universities offering online programs is University of Phoenix. Taking courses online from the comfort of your home allows working adults a much greater opportunity to further their education while still maiontaining a job and family life.

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Do you need some career education?

Filed under: Education, Schools — erapid @ 4:11 pm

If you don’t yet have the skills to get a rewarding career, then you may want to look into career education. Industries like real estate and mortgage have special technical schools approved by the state in which you live. Training is fast and most of these schools will help you find employment with a great company once you’ve graduated.

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March 12, 2007

The Education Site

Filed under: Education, Financial Information, Schools, Education Services — nicolas @ 11:05 am

Welcome to my education site.  Please feel free to post your comments here. 

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